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  • We’re all our own prisons, we are each all our own wardens and we do our own time. I can’t judge anyone else. What other people do is not really my affair unless they approach me with it. Prison’s in your mind. Can’t you see I’m free?


Gwynne Evans and Peter Allen were the last two men to be executed in the UK. Evans and Allen were hanged simultaneously in separate prisons at 8am on August 14, 1964. The pair had been sentenced to death after murdering and robbing a 53 year old van driver named John West. A year after their execution the death penalty was suspended in Britain and then abolished by Parliament in 1969.



Simply known as 1999, this story is one of the most realistic and chilling urban legends on the Internet. The tale follows the journey of a Canadian blogger named Elliot as he tracks down the meaning of a mysterious TV channel that he watched in the year 1999. He remembered it being extremely sketchy and, in hindsight, he realized that it was most likely run by a local predator. As he continued to investigate, he learned that the man running the channel was attempting to lure children into his house for sacrificial purposes. To top it all off, Elliot also realized that the crazed man was torturing and killing children while wearing a bear costume and calling himself “Mr. Bear.”

There were only a couple of “shows” that aired on this mysterious channel, most likely because it was only operational from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The first show was called Booby and featured characters that were live-action hands on top of a table, which was obviously very low budget. The show starred a hand named Booby that would find itself in a different situation every episode. However, the episodes got progressively weirder.

In fact, during an episode entitled “Playing with Scissors,” Booby appeared to be holding a pair of scissors while another, smaller hand was jerking violently in the background, as if it were being forcefully held in the air. Booby then proceeded to repeatedly stab the smaller hand with the scissors while a muffled child’s scream could be heard. The scissors eventually got to the bone and made a horrific crunching sound. That was the last time Elliot ever watched an episode of Booby.

Next up on the psychotic schedule was Mr. Bear’s Cellar, which featured the mentally unstable man dressed up as Mr. Bear. What actually went on during the Mr. Bear episodes are too gory to describe here, so you’d have to read the rest of it for yourself. Eventually, the police intervened and shut down the sadistic TV channel for good.



Known Victims of Fred and Rose West:

  • Charmaine West (born 22 February 1963) 
    Killed in June 1971 by Rosemary West while Fred was in prison. It appears that there was no motive. She was Fred’s daughter from his first marriage.

  • Catherine Bernadette “Rena” West (born 14 April 1944)
    Fred’s first wife, killed August 1971. Rena was planning on leaving with Charmaine and it is believed Fred killed her to prevent himself from being charged with Charmaine’s murder.
  • Caroline Owens (Age 17)
    In 1972 Owens was held captive overnight in the West’s basement, bound, smothered with a pillow and raped by both Fred and Rose. The couple released her the next day.
  • Lynda Carole Gough (Age 19)
    Killed April 1973, she was a lodger at the West’s home. She and Rose West shared lovers before she disappeared. Concerned, Lynda’s mother came to the West’s home and found Rose dressed in Lynda’s clothing. She was told Lynda moved out. 
  • Carol Ann Cooper (Age 15)
    Killed November 1973, Cooper was living in a children’s home when she disappeared while walking home from a movie theater.
  • Lucy Katherine Partington (Age 21)
    Killed December 1973, Lucy spent Christmas with her family in and visited a friend. She disappeared after leaving to catch a bus home. Strong evidence told investigators she had been kept 
    alive for several days. Around this time, Fred went to a hospital to have a cut stitched up. A knife matching the cut was found 
    with Lucy’s body and police assumed he was injured while dismembering her body.
  • Theresa Siegenthaler (Age 21)
    Killed in April 1974, she was a student in South London who left to hitch hike to Ireland. She disappeared.
  • Shirley Hubbard (Age 15)
    Killed November 1974, she disappeared while walking home from work. When her body was found her head was completely wrapped in duct tape and a three-inch rubber tube was inserted to allow her to breathe.
  • Juanita Marion Mott (Age 18)
    Killed April 1975, Mott was a former lodger at the West’s home. She was living with a friend of her mother’s in when she disappeared.
  • Shirley Anne Robinson (Age 18)
    Killed May 1978, Robinson was also lodger at the West’s home. She was a prostitute for the Wests, and disappeared after becoming pregnant with Fred’s child.

  • Alison Jane Chambers (Age 16)
    Killed August 1979, her murder was the last known sexually motivated murder that the West’s committed. Alison worked for a firm of solicitors under a Youth Training Scheme. Alison’s disappearance was reported to the Missing Persons Bureau and initially to the police as an absconder from care.
  • Heather Ann West
    Killed June 1987, Heather, who was Rose’s daughter, became the focus of Fred’s attention. He claimed he had not meant to kill her, just "had to take the smirk off her face." Rosemary told a neighbor that she and Heather had had a “hell of a row” so it is believed Rosemary may have initiated her murder. Fred and Rose told their other children Heather had run off with a lesbian lover. In reality, she was strangled, dismembered, and buried under the West’s patio. 


"I hated all my life. I hated everybody. When I first grew up and can remember, I was dressed as a girl by mother. And I stayed that way for two or three years. And after that was treated like what I call the dog of the family. I was beaten. I was made to do things that no human bein’ would want to do."

—-Henry Lee Lucas, serial killer.